Diamond jewelry


Code: BF3206
Catalogue number: BF3206
Type of stone:Natural diamond
Diamond cutting:Pear
Diamond color:F
Diamond cleanliness:VS1
Diamond per carat:0.50ct total
Cut Grade:Excellent
Material:White gold
The fineness of gold:585/1000
Gram weight:2.84
Certificates of Authenticity:International Gemmological Society - London
Ukupna karataža dijamanta:0.50


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If you do not know the size of the ring as regards the , please, read the text below.

When choosing a ring on our Online Store, you need to pay attention to the offered size of the ring, the ring size can be corrected.

There are two ways of checking the ring size, using the ring diameter that you already have on our table:


If the characteristics of jewelry are not the same as on the purchase confirmation certificate and if they are not the same as those provided in the "Certificate of Authenticity" whereon are the same characteristics obtained with automatic order purchase.

In the case of adjusting the size, we condemn only for the weight of jewelry that may be different to the "Certificate of Authenticity" and purchase confirmation certificate obtained with automatic order purchase because if we have to change the ring size it will not be the same as on the "Certificate of Authenticity" and certificate obtained with order purchase.

Money back can also be asked in the event that you can buy the same model with the same features for a lower price in the jewelry stores in your city.

We are especially proud to offer you products  with up to 40% lower prices than you can buy in the jewelry stores in your city.

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